Space Miner Wars is different from all those other base builder games! You get to fully control your actions when mining for resources and during each base attack! To better understand your ship, you need to understand your controls. You can access your controls layout by navigating to the Options menu and viewing a list of options to help make flying comfortable for you.

The default setting for the Thrust button is turned off to allow you to only use one hand while beginning your mining adventures. It can be turned on for any player that wishes for more control over their ship in intense firefights that happen during base attacks.

The default setting for the Turret button is to have it appear on the HUD to allow you the option to turn it on or off. You can turn the button off to always have your turret fire when you fire, maximizing your damage output.

You also have options to adjust the size of the wheel and where any of your controls are positioned on the screen to adjust for different device screen sizes and your own hand size. Feel free to adjust your control settings in multiple ways. You will always be able to go back to the default setting if you find that you do not like your alternative controls layout.